The goal is healthy skin not perfect skin!

CMarie Soaps are made with high quality butters and oils that help nourish the skin.
Commerical soaps are made using synthetic detergents.

CMarie Soaps use essential oils and paraben-free fragrance oils.
Commerical soaps contain a wide range of hormones disruptors!

CMarie Soaps use a range of herbs and additives to increase the benefits of each bar. Such as turmeric powder, activated charcoal, rose clay and calendula petals.
Commerical soaps offer no additional benefits.

CMarie Soaps retains glycerin which is a humectant that binds water into skin to ensure moisture.
Commerical soaps remove the glycerin to increase shelf life.

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Skin is the biggest organ on the body. Therefore, anything you put onto your skin goes into your body. Be sure invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a very long time” -CMarie